I'm Lee and the fact that I am an atheist is really only the beginning of the story.

Home is downtown Atlanta, Ga with my polyamorous partner, Robert, my son, D'mitri, and our pile of furry critters. (One Aussie, two wiley domestic felines and two fancy rats).

When I am not sitting around in my underwear, eating ice cream and trying to think of something witty to say here, I spend my time knitting, helping to organize events for the local burner community and reading everything I can get my hands on.

This blog is an expression of a long journey, one that has taken me from a willing believer to a emphatic skeptic. I have a great passion for picking things apart, especially those things that mean the most to me and I love to write, so, tada, it's a blog.

Nothing is sacred, sacrosanct or off-limits. When you find yourself standing outside of the norm, with no standard model to work with you have to question everything. Religion was the easy part. Suddenly, I find myself questioning all the patterns I was given to work with and finding that many of them simply don't provide me what I need to be a complete human being.

Welcome to the inside of my head. It's occasionally random and messy, but I have made myself a promise to be as internally honest as I can, both with myself and with you.

Thanks for reading.


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